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Commercial Cleaning 

We have evolved and expanded our services to meet the changing needs of businesses today. We know that your cleaning provider must harmoniously fit in with your busy schedules whilst maintaining a high quality service for a clean work environment and the longevity of your physical surroundings.

Here at Nine Elms Services, we understand that as individuals and as a business, we have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment.  Where possible, we choose paper products which can be recycled and we reuse and recycle cleaning cloths too.



Daily office cleaning

Waste Management & Recycling ​

Emergency cleaning ​

Evening and morning

PC Hardware, Computer and Server Cleaning

Office Washroom Services & Laundry Services

Disinfection: Cold and Flu Season

Office Carpet Cleaning 

End of Tenancy

Commercial Window Cleaning 

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Office Kitchen Cleaning Services 



Not only can you trust us, but you can also trust our cleaners. Our staff are professionals in this field, will always be punctual, honest and keep confidentiality.  


Our team of office cleaners have a wealth of experience. They understand the level of service required and commitment needed.


Quality and attention to detail is key. Our cleaning staff are trained to provide a hotel quality service for your home. We only use premium products and on request can use one you prefer.

Daily Office Cleaning London

We pride ourselves on our professional approach to managing and maintaining our clients’ specific daily office cleaning needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach; each business is unique and we strive to work with you to provide you with a clean business environment. Daily office cleaning is carried out by our team of highly-trained cleaners. We have robust processes to ensure that you are satisfied with the cleaning and level of service, and our account managers are regularly onsite and always on hand to ensure you are entirely satisfied with the daily office cleaning service we provide.

Office Waste Management and Recycling Services

Effective and well-managed office waste management and recycling services are as important as thorough daily office cleaning, in order to maintain a clean and sanitary office environment. Nine Elms Services, we support our contract clients with their office waste management and recycling services, working with Office Managers to assess how we can assist

Emergency Office Cleaning Services

An emergency cleaning incident in the workplace can be worrisome and stressful, and the safety and well being of employees will be your highest priority.

At Nine Elms Services, we have years of experience dealing with a range of office cleaning emergencies. And for all our current contract clients for whom we can provide office emergency cleaning services, we offer the highest level of professionalism, expertise, and knowledge to ensure these incidents are dealt with efficiently, so you and your team can get back to work as soon as possible without any worry.

London Emergency Office Cleaning Services

Cleaning emergencies we cover include:

  • Vandalism and graffiti (both interior and exterior)

  • Toilet and washroom cleaning after flooding

  • Corridors and stairwells that may be damaged, blocked or that compromise health and safety procedures

  • Hard floor breaks or damage


Our 24/7 office emergency cleaning services are available across London and cover a wide variety of cleaning scenarios so that you can be sure, should you need emergency cleaning you are covered. If your office requires cleaners at short notice for an emergency or any other reason, Swift Office Cleaning Services can provide a flexible same-day service for all our contracted clients. Our cleaning teams are on hand to assist with unexpected situations and can get to you at short notice to help get things back to normal.

Evening Office Cleaning 

Nine Elms Services provide any-time office cleaning services to suit our clients’ needs. Meetings, events and day to day work inevitably result in a build-up of refuse and clutter and leave surfaces unsanitary. With evening office cleaning, your staff will arrive to a clean and healthy office each and every morning. 

Front of House Cleaning 

Crucial first impressions of your business are made as soon as someone steps through your door. Maintaining an immaculate reception area, entrance hall or front of house is essential to present your business as the professional, reputable organisation that it is.

Your professional office cleaning company can carry out all required entrance cleaning procedures, from hard floor maintenance and deep cleans in order to extract ingrained dirt in high traffic areas, to vacuuming, upholstery cleaning, glass and window cleaning, as well as, reception desk cleaning.

Account Managers at Nine Elms Services, London’s professional office cleaning service, regularly keep in contact with their clients to ensure all reception area cleaning and front of house cleaning activities are being carried out to the highest possible standards. This includes a monthly satisfaction survey and spot-check site visits. From daily office cleaning and washroom services to specialist office equipment cleaning and carpet cleaning. Our janitorial cleaning services are also in high demand from large London businesses.

Office Disinfection: Cold and Flu Season

Nine Elms Service Services offer a full office disinfection service to help keep germs and bacteria from spreading around your work space. Offices can be particularly vulnerable to the spread of diseases, particularly during cold and flu season where it is so easy for germs to transmit from one surface to another. The spread of germs increases the likelihood of more employees being struck down resulting in less productivity and additional pressure on those remaining to keep business as usual, therefore office disinfection is key for all work spaces. 

Our professional office disinfection cleaning teams can help ensure that both common and hard to reach areas are disinfected, keeping high-risk areas such as desks, office equipment, chairs and kitchen areas clean, sanitary and safe.All the members of our knowledgeable team are trained to provide expert, effective office disinfection, and using our specialist knowledge will clean, disinfect and then protect offices to minimise infection, and therefore disruption to you. In order to comply with best practice health and safety regulations, it is important to keep office spaces as clean and hygienic as possible. Doing so can prevent the spread of diseases as well as reduce allergies and other environment-related problems such as asthma.

Nine Elms Services offers a range of specialist services to ensure that we not only leave your work space looking great but help to improve the overall hygiene standard or your premises and eliminate any potentially hazardous situations without risk to human health.

Office Carpet Cleaning 

Office carpets come in many different varieties and often offices will have multiple types in the same building – all of which have different requirements for office carpet cleaning. Nine Elms Services provide office carpet cleaning services to organisations across London from spot cleaning and vacuuming as part of the daily office clean to deep office carpet cleans at the request of our clients. Protect and maintain the appearance and longevity of your office carpets with our daily office cleans and office carpet cleaning services – whilst defining a schedule that works with your requirements and budget.  We work with you to assess the traffic and usage of your office and we identify the types of carpets and flooring installed. We’ll use highly-specialised methods, equipment and products to provide you with an efficient and effective office carpet clean that complies with warranties and recommended product details. 

Extra office carpet cleaning options for our clients

As a client, you will be able to choose from our additional office carpet cleaning services including an anti-static office carpet clean, application of Scotchgard™ to protect office carpets, odour removal for offices who allow pets at work and specialised water removal and specialist clean in the unfortunate event of flooding or water damage.


Efficient and effective office carpet cleaning delivered at a time convenient to you

We deliver our daily office cleans outside of business hours either early in the morning or in the evening to minimise disruption to your business operations and teams – and office carpet cleaning is no different.  Your regular office cleaning operatives will vacuum and spot-clean your carpets during daily cleans to avoid any lasting stains. Specialist or deep office carpet cleans will take place at a convenient time as agreed. Your office carpets will be ready either immediately or by the time your office reopens its doors.

Giving you the office carpet cleaning services, information and support you need

When we meet with you, we define an office cleaning schedule to your office requirements and budget. We adapt this as your needs change or evolve – and you can also add additional one-off office carpet cleaning services as required. All you have to do is ask your Account Manager, and we’ll take care of the rest. As well as communications with your Account Manager, we provide you with a ‘Communications Book’ for you to exchange notes with your regular office cleaning operatives. Our clients love this easy and direct line of communication. We also have a Customer Services team available during office hours to help with any queries or items that arise. 

Commercial Window Cleaning 

Our commercial window cleaning can be carried out at intervals to suit your business needs. Many clients have this daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The time of the cleans can sometimes vary throughout the different seasons as it can only be carried out safely and efficiently during daylight hours.  We use several different methods for commercial window cleaning for our clients, abseiling, ladder up to the first floor, reach and wash and cradle. We are fully Health & Safety compliant and full risk assessments will be carried out prior to any work taking place. The commercial window cleaning team is fully trained and equipped with safety harnesses and up-to-date equipment. We provide a specialist, commercial window cleaning service that fully complies with all Health and Safety legislation's. Interior glass cleaning is carried out using an applicator and squeegee blade cleaning system for quality results.

Upholstery Cleaning

As experienced professional office cleaners, we understand the importance of regular upholstery cleaning services in your work space. Most commercial and business spaces have a high footfall of traffic and it is important to keep your carpets, entrance mats, sofas, chairs and soft furnishings in an immaculate condition to maintain a clean, hygienic environment and to create a spotless impression of your business from the moment you enter your building. We have a dedicated team of upholstery and carpet cleaning specialists who have experience of cleaning within a variety of office and commercial spaces. 

Kitchen Cleaning 

We will create an office kitchen cleaning schedule with you from sanitising surfaces and de-greasing the floor as part of the daily office clean to clearing out the fridge on a weekly basis and quarterly deep cleans. Did you know that office kitchens can be a hot-spot for germs if not cleaned regularly by professionals? Unsanitary work environments can lead to spread of germs, sick days and decreased productivity.  Protect your staff and your business by providing a hygienic environment with a reliable and experienced office cleaning company. 

Efficient and effective office kitchen cleaning delivered at a time convenient to you. You may decide to have one of our daytime janitors on-site for a couple of hours to clean your office kitchen and dining area immediately after lunch, or leave it until your daily office cleaning team arrives before or after hours. Either way, we design an office cleaning service to work for your needs and budget – with minimal disruption to your business.  You will have a regular daily office cleaning team so that they understand the space and what is required. With regular training, they know the areas that need special attention – such as handles and fridges – and the methods that need to be used. 

Early Morning Office Cleaning 

We understand how important it is for offices to run smoothly, and as an Office Manager it is essential that you and your team are able to work in a healthy, pleasant office environment, which is clean and presentable from the moment you step through the door in the morning.

Every business has it’s own routine and working schedules and we understand that having cleaning operatives empty bins, clean computer equipment, vacuum around desks, in the middle of the working day would be disruptive for many companies. Which is why we offer early morning cleaning services for offices across London. Our cleaning operatives arrive and perform their cleaning duties before your employees get to work. This ensures that your teams will be able to carry out their work without any disruption, and they will also arrive to a clean, fresh and pleasant office, which will put them in the right frame of mind to start a busy and productive working day. We offer a wide variety of quality office cleaning services, all of which are carried out by our highly trained, knowledgeable and professional cleaning operatives who take pride in what they do, and understand that great customer service is at the heart of everything we stand for.

Co-Working Office Space Cleaning

For companies with an ever-shifting workforce of freelancers and contract workers, as well as growth businesses, shared offices offer a flexible work space solution. In these buzzing environments there’s a high footfall of people networking amongst the desks and in communal areas. To keep offices looking highly presentable it’s essential to employ an experienced office cleaning company to maintain the premises.

Office Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Regular and thorough floor-care is an essential part of preserving the appearance and lifespan of your hard floor office areas, as well as maintaining a safe environment for your staff. Deep cleaning hard surfaces removes ingrained dirt and grime that builds up – especially in high traffic areas such as office entrances, kitchens and washrooms. Having a regular cleaning routine is also a cost-effective approach to floor care – minimising the need for costly floor renovations and replacements if they become damaged, scuffed or discoloured. Our experienced hard floor cleaning operatives work with the manufacturer guidelines and comply with product warranties to ensure the best possible results on each individual surface.

PC Hardware, Computer and Server Cleaning

PC hardware and computer equipment requires specialist high-tech cleaning.Nine Elms Services employs specialist technicians who have the technical background and are trained by qualified computer engineers to produce excellent cleaning results with no risk to equipment.

The cleaning chemicals we use are manufactured specifically  for the purpose, and contain no water, nitrates or ammonia, all of which are harmful to computer operation. The cleaning process itself leaves an invisible film which provides anti-static protection to help prevent the build-up of dirt between scheduled cleaning visits. We use special high-tech equipment to measure static electricity and microbial contamination levels on your computer equipment.

Office Cleaning for Shared Offices

For companies with a changing, dynamic workforce or expanding businesses, shared offices offer a flexible work space solution. In these busy environments with high footfall and shared communal areas, it’s essential to employ an experienced office cleaning company to maintain the premises. Nine Elms Services, we work with a number of shared office spaces. We provide a range of cleaning services from daily cleans to specialist hard floor cleaning and we navigate the varying demands from resident businesses into a tailored service package.

Communal Area Office Cleaning

Communal areas and break-out spaces in offices are bustling hubs of activity. They offer flexible space for workers, from carrying out meetings in a more informal environment, to taking some down-time away from the computer screen – more often than not, communal areas are busy throughout the whole day. At Nine Elms Services, we understand that to maintain the appeal of these essential communal areas, they have got to be clean and presentable, allowing people to relax into the space and focus on their conversations or time away from the desk, not on any surrounding mess.

Communal area cleaning is just one service which we carry out as part of your daily office cleaning package. We tailor the services we provide to suit the needs of each individual business and their premises. We also specialise in green cleaning, washroom cleaning, specialist computer equipment cleaning, as well as offering janitorial services.

Deep Office Cleaning

At Nine Elms Services, we are pleased to provide the highest quality office deep cleaning services for a growing number of businesses across London. We offer a range of professional deep cleaning services for our existing clients, carried out by our highly trained, knowledgeable, and friendly teams of cleaning operatives. We are proud of our excellent reputation as one of the leading deep cleaning companies in London. Our team is dedicated to providing the best customer service, and all our cleaning operatives are efficient, effective, and know exactly what is needed to clean commercial premises safely and to the very best standards.


We understand that sometimes you require more than a general clean to get your office up to the standard that you and your employees require. This is why we specialise in deep office cleaning that will leave office managers safe in the knowledge that not only are all health and safety standards being met, but that carpets and appliances will last longer. This will also provide a pleasant atmosphere for your team to work in too.

Our office deep cleaning services help to ensure that your clients, customers, and employees can enjoy the benefits of a business that genuinely cares about health and hygiene in its premises. Hiring a professional cleaning service for office deep cleaning can help to lower the spread of diseases (and therefore sick days), eliminate stubborn marks and stains, prolong the life of office equipment and create a more positive and productive atmosphere to conduct your business activities.

Office Washroom Services & Laundry Services

Your staff, customers, and other visitors use your washrooms every day, so it’s essential to keep them clean and fresh. Our washroom cleaning service will keep your toilets clean and tidy, and prevent any bacteria build-up, reducing the risk of germs and odours. We will sanitise your washroom floor, sanitary ware, all surfaces, and clean mirrors and fixtures such as hand dryers. If you have shower facilities, we will keep these spotless too. We can also supply a full range of washroom consumables – from soap, toilet rolls and paper towels to bin liners and air fresheners. We supply products from leading manufacturers including SCA, Tork, Andrex, Scott, Kimberley Clark, many of them with free on-loan dispensers. Products include feminine hygiene disposal units, vending systems, auto sanitisers, and air fresheners. Our fully trained, professional staff will deliver the washroom services with minimum of disruption to your business. Our fully trained, professional staff will deliver the washroom services with the minimum of disruption to your business.


Commercial Janitorial Cleaning

Nine Elms Services provide daily office cleaning to meet our clients’ needs, including janitorial cleaning services.  Contracting a day-time janitor is a useful way to support the morning or evening cleaners in busy offices. Your janitor is on-hand to keep important areas – such as kitchens, meeting rooms and reception areas – clean throughout the day, and to deal with any emergencies or needs that arise.  A janitor can work as many or as few hours as you need. Some of our clients have janitors for two hours a day, usually at the beginning of the day or over lunch, and others for as many as eight hours. Typically their responsibilities include checking and replenishing consumable items such as stationery, soap, toilet paper, tea and coffee; keeping toilets clean and fresh; setting up meeting rooms and front of house support. Keeping the office clean and tidy at all times enables your staff to do their best work, and demonstrates a professional image to visitors and potential customers.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services: Office Lease & Office Tenancy 

There is a lot to plan and organise when vacating your business premises at the end of your office lease or if your business decides to relocate, but there is one task which can easily be ticked off the to-do list – the professional end of tenancy cleaning services.


With our years of experience in professional end of tenancy cleaning services, we understand what landlords and property managers look for during their end of tenancy inspection and ensure every room and area of the premises is cleaned to our usual high standards – giving you the greatest opportunity to recoup your full deposit. We supply you with a detailed receipt to present to your landlord or facilities manager in order to prove that the professional office clean has taken place.

Glass cleaning services for offices

Nine Elms Services offer a comprehensive, professional glass cleaning service for businesses. Whether you need a full window cleaning service, internal doors cleaned and polished or the automatic or revolving doors to enter and exit the building kept looking as good as new, our team can make sure that your glass is sparkling clean and free from marks or smears. In a busy office environment, it’s easy for glass to get dirty – especially in areas where there is high footfall. If you have glass doors at the entry of your office, fingerprints, and marks caused by weather, pollen or traffic pollution can build up and can soon leave your doors looking unclean. Our expert team knows exactly how carefully remove every mark, without damaging the glass. They will make sure that there are no smudges or smears left, leaving your glass bright, shiny and looking great.  For internal glass doors, we can also provide a regular clean and polish to remove finger marks, dust, and general dirt and stains that build up over time. If you have glass worktops or glass-topped desks we can also use our expert cleaning methods to keep them looking good as new. Our cleaning team is made up of fully-trained professional cleaners who can help keep your office clean and hygienic.

Our glass cleaning service includes:

  • Tailored cleaning to suit your exacting needs

  • Flexible hours to minimise disruption to your team

  • A dedicated account manager to ensure customer satisfaction every time we visit

  • Highly trained, friendly, respectful cleaning operatives who clean to the very highest standards

Keeping office doors and windows clean will help ensure your office remains a light, bright, clean and hygienic space that is not only a pleasure to work on, but also gives a great first impression to clients and prospective employees alike. At Nine Elms Services, we are pleased to offer every kind of glass cleaning and can tailor our services to suit your needs.


Feminine Hygiene Services

Ensuring that the level of hygiene in your office washrooms is of the highest standard demonstrates that your business puts the health and safety of your visitors and your employees as a top priority. Nine Elms Services works with a specialist feminine hygiene services provider to support clients with their washroom cleaning service. Feminine hygiene bins allow sanitary items to be disposed of hygienically. They are slender enough to fit neatly alongside the toilet making them discreet and practical for employee and visitor comfort. The team provides quality, discreet and highly efficient service that you know you can rely on. Our feminine hygiene waste services partner performs regular and scheduled visits to your offices to service the feminine hygiene sanitary bins to ensure that a consistently high level of hygiene is maintained in the washrooms at all times. Sanitary waste is a controlled waste, and there is strict legislation regarding how sanitary items must be disposed of. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 state that all businesses must provide a suitable means of disposal for sanitary towels in female washrooms.

The Environment Protection Act 1990 places a ‘Duty of Care’ on businesses to ensure that any waste produced on the premises is managed safely up to the point of disposal. A full waste transfer certificate is supplied, which will ensure your company is compliant with UK waste legislation, giving you peace of mind and letting female visitors and employees know you are committed to providing a clean and safe feminine hygiene services. 

The Environment 

When it comes to recycling our green cleaning services helps our clients to recycle as much as possible including food waste, cardboard, plastic and glass. Just let us know what you would like to recycle and we will create a schedule to facilitate all your requirements. Our eco-friendly cleaning services in London focus on reducing our own carbon footprint too. One of the key ways we are able do this is through our staff and contract management. Each client has a dedicated Account Manager who is chosen and placed not only due to their suitability for the client but also how close they are to the premises in order to reduce the amount of travel time to and from clients. We also try to ensure that cleaning operatives live close to their cleaning contracts so that they can walk, cycle or use public transport instead of cars.






We're COVID-19 Secure: We're using enhanced cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures. Click for more information

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