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Home Cleaning

Here at Nine Elms Service top quality luxury service is top of our agenda. We want to leave you feeling satisfied and exceed your expectations every time our staff carry out work for you. Nine Elms Service has a fine range of cleaning services available depending on your requirements. We go that extra mile to create that personal touch, and purposely provide the most suitable cleaner. 


Daily/weekly housekeeping

Laundry and ironing

Air BnB / Holiday Rentals 

​Home organising and decluttering


Vacuum and steam cleaning of mattresses

One off cleaning 

End of Tenancy

Expert rug & carpet cleaning services 


Regular cleaning service 

Here are some examples of priority areas your weekly cleaner can focus on:

  • Living room: Dust all decorations, polish the interior side of windows, vacuum and mop the floor, wipe all skirting boards, clean furniture, and empty the bins;

  • Kitchen: Wash the dishes, wipe and polish all surfaces, clean the floor, and polish the interior of microwaves, ovens, extractors, hot plates, fridges, and other appliances;

  • Bathroom: Clean the bathroom sink and taps, polish all tiles, scrub the bath and the shower cabin, wipe the bathroom radiator, and disinfect the toilet bowl.

  • Bedroom: Clean and polish all surfaces, change the bedding, vacuum the carpet, dust the bed frame, wipe the window blinds, clean all doors and handles, and refresh the floor;

  • Hallway: Dust all pictures and light switches in sight, remove dust from furniture, clean the floor, wipe the skirting boards, and refresh the front door.

One off Cleaning service 

This is essentially a meticulous room by room house cleaning. The one-off cleaners can use the equipment that is already present at your property, in the event you don't have the necessary tools or prefer the team to bring their own, they can do so for an extra fee.

Depending on your cleaning priorities, the technicians can cover the following areas:

  • Kitchen: Polishing all counter tops, descaling sinks, refreshing the cupboards, disinfecting the floor, and cleaning the oven, fridge, and all remaining kitchen appliances;

  • Bathroom: Polishing mirrors, descaling sinks, tile scrubbing, cleaning all cabinets, and disinfecting the tub, shower, toilet bowl, and the entire floor surface.

  • Living room: Removing spider webs, treating doors, dusting accessories, polishing windows, hoovering and mopping the floor, wiping skirting boards, cleaning furniture;

  • Hallway: Dusting woodwork, wiping skirting boards, vacuuming carpets, polishing the property’s front door, wall spot cleaning, and dealing with various muddy footprints;

  • Bedroom: Dusting lampshades, wiping pictures, scrubbing light switches, cleaning wardrobes, polishing all door handles, and dealing with any accumulated rubbish

Extra services: For a small fee,  our cleaners can also do a list of extra tasks. For instance, the cleaner can help you bring order to your wardrobe by folding and hanging all your clothes.  Your cleaner can also undertake other similar chores as polishing silverware, watering plants, doing ironing and laundry, or even feeding your pets. single oven cleaning or professional carpet cleaning of  carpets.

Expert rug & carpet cleaning services 

Wherever you are, we surely have local carpet cleaners near you to take care of your textile floor covering. And even if you are not sure exactly what type of carpets and rugs you have, your technician will examine them and determine the best way to clean them.

  • Synthetic/Mixed Fibre

    For the majority of carpeting, we use hot water extraction cleaning, also known as steam carpet cleaning. This is the most advanced and effective deep carpet cleaning method recognised by professionals worldwide and it is great for stain cleaning. And if it can’t clean a spot from your textile covering, then nothing will!

  • Delicate/Natural Fibre

    And what about that lavish hand-knotted oriental rug you keep in front of the fireplace? Well, rug cleaning is something we can help you with as well. When the carpet cleaner examines your items, he will determine if they should be dry cleaned or not.

Window Cleaning

Nine Elms Service can deep clean your internal windows along side our standard cleaning service and on request we can clean the outside windows if it is accessible.  

Deep mattress & sofa cleaning

Rarely people realise that their sofa and mattresses need some form of maintenance. With time, they accumulate a considerable amount of dust and are surely crawling with those microscopic bugs called dust mites. For the purpose of refreshing your mattress/sofa, we can apply Hot Water Extraction which is very effective as it deals very well with accumulated dirt and many types of household stains. However, please keep in mind that some stains actually cause damage to the fabric and can’t be removed completely. 

Air BnB / Holiday Rentals 


If your property is listed on the online marketplace and there’s a steady stream of visitors to the capital who take advantage of the place every month. Be it an apartment, a house, or a room with a single bed, you can take advantage of our London-wide service which is just great for Air BnB cleaning. We aim to provide you with a time-saving alternative that easily tackles one of the hassles that come with rentals so you can focus on more important things. This service will include the one of cleaning service.

In addition the cleaner can bring packs of freshly washed and ironed linen for each bed at the property. On the next service, all used linen will be collected and replaced with fresh packs to be used by the next visitors. The packs contain bed sheets, pillow cases, duvets bath & hand towels.

In addition, the cleaner can bring packs of toiletries. Each includes:

  • 2 x Shampoo 30ml

  • 2 x Shower gel 30ml

  • 2 x Body lotion 30ml

  • 2 x Shower/body Soap

  • 1 x Hand Soap

Deep oven cleaning service (with disassembly)

We bring everything necessary to clean your cooker on site. The technician who will carry out your professional oven cleaning service will inspect your appliance to determine if it is working properly. He will then disassemble all the removable parts and take off the oven racks. Everything is then soaked in a dip tank filled with a powerful cleaning solution (note that when you order a one-off kitchen cleaning the oven will be cleaned, but we won't use the dip-tank unless you request it). Meanwhile, the oven cleaning specialist will thoroughly scrub the rest of your appliance, making sure to remove all traces of greasy food and burnt leftovers. When all the parts are perfectly cleaned, the technician will assemble and test the oven. You can start using your cooker right away, after the service! This procedure is suitable for all types of ovens, as well as for AGA and other types of range cookers.

Additional appliance cleaning services we offer:

  • Splashback cleaning – The technician can manually scrub the splashback using an eco-friendly detergent. This is suitable for inox, tiled, and glass splashbacks, and can be booked as a separate service.

  • Fridge/Freezer cleaning – We can help remove the bad smell from your fridge, making it germ-free. The fridge just needs to be emptied before we arrive and the freezer defrosted at least a day before.

  • Kitchen appliances cleaning – Hobs, extractors, dishwashers and microwave ovens can be professionally cleaned! The technicians have the necessary equipment and experience to restore the fresh looks and functionality of all your kitchen appliances.


Curtain and Blind cleaning 

Synthetic/Mixed fibre

If the items can withstand high temperature and moisture, then they will be submitted to the professional curtain cleaning method known as hot water extraction. The best part is that the technician uses specialised equipment that will clean the items momentarily so there is no need to remove them from the curtain rail.

Natural/Delicate fibre

In case your curtains or drapes are too delicate, then we can offer you a variety of water-free drapery cleaning options, such as the use of dry powder or special solvents.

Home organising and decluttering

To give you a better idea of how this service makes your life easier and more fantastic, here are some of the tasks that it can solve for you:

  • Folding your clothes

  • Arranging wardrobes and shelves

  • Reorganising your home

  • Gathering toys and other items

  • Organising items in a certain way

  • Tidying up a single room or the entire place

  • Unpacking your belongings after a move and arranging them

End of tenancy cleaning


If you have any specific requests or instructions, just let us know in advance and the team will handle the rest. Here are some of the benefits that our end of tenancy cleaning provides:

  • A team of expert end of tenancy cleaners - your move in cleaning service will be done by fully equipped & insured local technicians.

  • Working as many hours as needed - The cleaners will clean following a comprehensive checklist until the property is left in the most presentable state.

  • Special detergents - the end of tenancy cleaners use professional products (not commercially available) from leading UK suppliers, to achieve maximum results.

  • Deep oven cleaning - our oven valeting service is included in each end of tenancy cleaning service.

  • 72-hour guarantee - to ensure that you will get your bond back, we offer to re-clean the property free of charge if your landlord is not happy with the cleaning results.

  • Key pick up upon request - to ease both landlords and tenants, the local cleaners can pick up the keys from somewhere near the rental address.

  • Vacuum and dusting all rooms |Cleaning all internal windows and frame | Removal of Cobwebs |Dust removal | Cleaning inside and outside Kitchen cupboard |Cleaning all work surfaces |Oven cleaning inside and out |Cleaning inside and outside the fridge |Cleaning of all flooring including laminate, tiles and engineered wood flooring |Cleaning and descaling of sink and taps |Mirror to be cleaned |Washing Machine inside and out to be cleaned  |Dishwasher cleaning |Extractor degreased and cleaned  |All communal areas to be cleaned |Shower screen cleaned and descaled |Shower to be cleaned |Bath to be cleaned and descaled |Carpet and upholstery can be included in the clean. Click here for more infomation

Commercial Office Cleaning


Nine Elms cleaning service offer a professional and personal approach. Our highly trained and hand-selected cleaning operatives expertly and respectfully maintain your work space, with the backing of a robust and proactive management team. We have evolved and expanded our services to meet the changing needs of businesses today, providing each client with a bespoke cleaning package, managed by their dedicated Cleaning Manager. Please click here for more information. 


Not only can you trust us, but you can also trust our cleaners. Our staff are professionals in this field, will always be punctual, honest and keep confidentiality.  


All our cleaners have a years of experience cleaning domestic in high end properties and every domestic cleaner goes through our Nine Elms Service training scheme. 


Quality and attention to detail is key. Our cleaning staff are trained to provide a hotel quality service for your home. We only use premium products and on request can use one you prefer.

We're COVID-19 Secure: We're using enhanced cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures. Click for more information

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